LendUp Hackathon Project Lives On


I recently logged into my Arrow Card iOS app to check my balance and was pumped to discover that my team's Spring 2017 Hackathon project branch was finally merged and released.

Here it is, in all its cartoon-y glory: the LendUp Education mobile feature.


Arrow Card holders can watch educational videos about improving their credit scores, budgeting, saving, and other personal finance tidbits, followed by a quick multiple choice quiz, followed by CONFETTI πŸŽ‰:


Pooja, Ray, Lise, and I built this cute little feature in a little less than a day, thanks to the power and glory and ergonomic bliss of React Native. Now it's one of the top-billed features in the app.


I wonder what else we could have built for the Arrow Card app if we were just allowed to make stuff more independently.

Also, somehow, we lost the hackathon to a chatbot project. I'm not that bitter. I definitely would have enjoyed the taste of victory (and some of that oh-so-comfy LendUp hackaday winner swag), but at least our feature got released πŸ™.

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