Summer Wind10 September 2019

Newport, Rhode Island A film photo I took with my friend Kristen's old camera. Alternative title: Kite Armada.

Relay02 April 2019

I opened up Logic on a whim tonight and found the beginnings of this song, just sitting there, from a previous flight or some other bored evening. I think I probably ruined anything good about this song with the new middle section, but I swear it…

An Afternoon with Arduino28 March 2019

For the last eight years or so, I've been carrying around an Arduino (not literally on my person, but, you know, amongst my treasures), waiting for just the right time to start tinkering with it. That time, it turns out, was yesterday afternoon. This…

Novels with Giant Possibly Magical Libraries23 January 2019

I'm currently reading a fantastic novel where the protaganist - who is in her teens and lives in a sort-of convent for sightseers in the middle of a glacier - is asked by the elders to choose a role for part-time work. Our hero considers two options…

Borrowing Library Books for Your Kindle13 January 2019

Basically, do it. It's super easy. I'll show you how in this post. How to borrow library books for your Kindle Obtain a Kindle from Amazon. I'm using the Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers, which I recommend. The special offers are just ads for…

The Walkingman Collection10 January 2019

I've pulled all my Instagram #walkingman photos into a handy little page. Check it out. So long as the Instagram API continues to play nice (no guarantee of that), then this page will stay up-to-date as my travels continue. I'd love to learn more…

Humans of Machine Learning30 July 2018

I've started an interview series on the FloydHub blog called "Humans of Machine Learning." I'm hoping to talk with lots of real human beings who are doing fun, creative, interesting, and / or surprising things with machine learning and AI. Those…

Penpals24 July 2018

Here's a new Terminal Man track from my most recent flight to Newark. I've been watching a lot of Stranger Things, if you can't already tell. This is the first Terminal Man song I've hosted on YouTube instead of SoundCloud. Slightly annoying to have…

Using NLP to Write Graduation Speeches23 July 2018

I've always been a little bit obsessed with graduation speeches. Put simply, I like being reminded of the great possibility and great responsibility of living. But as it's going to be a while until May rolls around again, I decided to try my hand at…

LendUp Hackathon Project Lives On17 June 2018

I recently logged into my Arrow Card iOS app to check my balance and was pumped to discover that my team's Spring 2017 Hackathon project branch was finally merged and released. Here it is, in all its cartoon-y glory: the LendUp Education mobile…

The Long Hour28 April 2018

More arppegiator magick using the Apple on-screen keyboard in Logic. I still would like to learn how to program my own drumbeats. In the mean time, thank goodness for Apple loops. Learning Ableton would be another fun benefit of this endeavor.

Zion Traverse19 April 2018

We ran ~38 miles of the Zion Traverse this past Saturday, including the I-can't-believe-this-is-actually-allowed Angels Landing climb. Here's video proof: Very little prep work or research or even training was done on my part. I'm lucky to have found…

Teaching My Robot With TensorFlow06 January 2018

My childhood dream of becoming friends with a real-life robot like Johnny 5 came true two weeks ago. This is not to be confused with my other primary childhood dream - which I wished on every dandelion blow and floating will-o-wisp - of being sucked…

Ghost205 January 2018

This is the first Terminal Man track in which the only Apple loop used is the percussion track - everything else I created using Logic's on-screen keyboard. Arpeggiators are the best.

Auri12 December 2017
Written in Water29 June 2017
Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim07 May 2017

We ran the Grand Canyon, and I only got lost once. Pro tip from Galen for future R2R2Rers: bring a McDonald's cheeseburger to eat halfway. I heartily concur - I'm still thinking about that deliciousness.

Meet Von Chomp08 March 2017

Von Chomp is a monster who loves to count - workout reps, patrons at hipster BBQs, even 🍪s. vc Meet von Chomp now on the Apple App Store: Don't take my word for it

Upside Down11 February 2017

My unsolicited submission for the Season 2 soundtrack to Stranger Things.

LendUp Critters28 December 2016

Every good app needs a mascot. Meet some of the critters behind LendUp's internal tools (co-designed with Lise Statelman and Chau Nguyen). Hadron Badron Levi Adele Tool time You can read more about our work on the Home Improvement team at LendUp…

Alcatraz Challenge 2016 - Review16 December 2016

This was a much smaller race than I expected. Only 116 souls according to the official results. I felt lucky to have snagged a race number when I did — the website warned it would be capped at 500 swimmers. That was enough for me. I frantically…

One Day Lord Shardik Will Return06 December 2016

Not quite Watership Down, but still pretty weird in a good way. Here's my musical book review of Shardik.

Too Much10 February 2016
Glass-Steagall Act Farewell Show22 January 2016

Six years ago Mark Mager convinced me it was a good idea to play an acoustic Beatles medley in front of our entire Morgan Stanley division to celebrate my departure and his return. Now you too can witness the final (only) show of The Glass-Steagall…

Space Time Travel with Wormie02 January 2016

Wormie is an iOS app to connect you with people in the places you want to see. Live Maybe you want to see if there's a line at your favorite restaurant right now. Or maybe you want to see tonight's sunset, but from Australia. Live Just open up Wormie…

Minnow21 December 2015
Pseudoclassical Star Wars26 October 2015

Subclassing in JavaScript is quite useful. I used JavaScript subclasses to create this Star Wars inspired game. game You can play it right now, or check out the code on Github. The rest of this insanely long post will demonstrate how to use…

Golden Olden04 August 2015
NOAH Conference in Berlin09 June 2015

I spoke in Berlin, and took a really bad still image, apparently.

Introducing Knerds02 May 2015

Knerds is a simple and fun iOS game that helps you learn the names of your co-workers through brute force, cuddly mascots, and spaced repetition. Diving into Objective-C Like many tech companies, Knewton organizes a hack day every few months. Beyond…

Terminal Man - Live in Concert07 April 2015

Last week, streaming live from London, TERMINAL MAN performed its first show ever, appearing live in New York City at the Knewton Talent Show. This may have been the first musical performance for a Double Robotics robot ever, but I certainly hope it…

Merlin's Advice05 March 2015

The best thing for being sad is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see…

Trickle of Water01 March 2015

My favorite Calvin and Hobbes strip

edCrunch in Moscow18 October 2014
Over Water, Under You04 August 2014
ELTJam Sesh in London28 April 2014

My five minute pitch to the masters of the ELT universe.

SEPM Conference in Copenhagen21 November 2013

"It's so awesome that we are in a planetarium, first of all." - Charlie Harrington

Cape Seafood Logo21 January 2013

My friend Luke asked me to design a new logo for his new company. You may know his other company: Luke's Lobster. Here's what my other friend Katie Kosma and I came up with: Check out Cape Seafood for more seafood-y goodness.

Four Track18 December 2003

This is the first song I wrote and recorded on my Fostex four-track.